domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2016

Homework 2nd A 19-23 SEPT

Teacher: Jessica Escobar

MONDAY: Make a “time line” about you have grown and describe you (can use photos)

TUESDAY: Write 10 things about what is something you could not do when you were little?  What do you want to do when you are a grown-up?

WEDNESDAY: Watch the “Ruby on her own time” video, find and write in a chart: NOUNS, VERBS, and ADJECTIVES.

THURSDAY: Write and draw 4 changes you noticed before and after you learned how the people grow and change…

FRIDAY: Describe, draw and color to your favorite pet.

IMPORTANT: Have to bring your dictionary, notebook and colors always! 

Story link: (listen all the times you have doubts)

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